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CVS linux

Subject: CVS linux
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 23:49:24 +0100
CVSROOT:        /home/cvs
Module name:    linux
Changes by: 03/07/25 23:49:24

Modified files:
        arch/mips      : Kconfig-shared Makefile defconfig 
                         defconfig-atlas defconfig-capcella 
                         defconfig-cobalt defconfig-ddb5476 
                         defconfig-ddb5477 defconfig-decstation 
                         defconfig-e55 defconfig-eagle defconfig-ev64120 
                         defconfig-ev96100 defconfig-hp-lj 
                         defconfig-ip22 defconfig-it8172 defconfig-ivr 
                         defconfig-jmr3927 defconfig-lasat200 
                         defconfig-malta defconfig-mpc30x 
                         defconfig-ocelot defconfig-osprey 
                         defconfig-pb1000 defconfig-pb1100 
                         defconfig-pb1500 defconfig-rm200 
                         defconfig-sb1250-swarm defconfig-sead 
                         defconfig-tb0226 defconfig-tb0229 
        arch/mips/kernel: Makefile branch.c cpu-probe.c entry.S 
                          gdb-low.S gdb-stub.c genex.S head.S 
                          mips_ksyms.c offset.c process.c ptrace.c 
                          r4k_fpu.S r4k_switch.S setup.c signal.c 
                          syscall.c traps.c 
        arch/mips/mm   : Makefile 
        arch/mips/mm-32: Makefile 
        arch/mips/mm-64: tlbex-r4k.S 
        arch/mips/sgi-ip27: ip27-init.c 
        arch/mips64    : Makefile 
        include/asm-mips: bugs.h processor.h ptrace.h stackframe.h 
        include/asm-mips64: bugs.h page.h processor.h ptrace.h 
Added files:
        arch/mips/kernel: binfmt_elfn32.c binfmt_elfo32.c cpu-bugs64.c 
                          ioctl32.c linux32.c module-elf32.c 
                          module-elf64.c ptrace32.c scall32-o32.S 
                          scall64-64.S scall64-n32.S scall64-o32.S 
                          signal32.c signal_n32.c 
        arch/mips/mm   : cex-gen.S 
Removed files:
        arch/mips/kernel: ipc.c module.c scall_o32.S sysmips.c 
        arch/mips/mm-32: cex-gen.S 
        arch/mips64/kernel: .cvsignore Makefile binfmt_elfn32.c 
                            binfmt_elfo32.c branch.c cpu-probe.c entry.S 
                            gdb-low.S gdb-stub.c genex.S head.S i8259.c 
                            init_task.c ioctl32.c irq.c irq_cpu.c 
                            linux32.c mips64_ksyms.c module.c offset.c 
                            pci-dma.c proc.c process.c ptrace.c 
                            r4k_cache.S r4k_fpu.S r4k_switch.S reset.c 
                            scall_64.S scall_n32.S scall_o32.S 
                            semaphore.c setup.c signal.c signal32.c 
                            signal_n32.c smp.c syscall.c time.c traps.c 
        include/asm-mips64: exception.h 

Log message:
        Get rid of arch/mips64/kernel.  9116 lines of code gone.

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