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CVS linux

Subject: CVS linux
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 00:29:06 +0100
CVSROOT:        /home/cvs
Module name:    linux
Changes by: 03/04/01 00:29:06

Modified files:
        arch/mips/kernel: Tag: linux_2_4 setup.c syscall.c 
        arch/mips/mm   : Tag: linux_2_4 Makefile c-mips32.c c-r3k.c 
                         c-r4k.c c-r5432.c c-rm7k.c c-sb1.c c-tx39.c 
                         c-tx49.c init.c loadmmu.c 
        arch/mips/sgi-ip22: Tag: linux_2_4 ip22-system.c 
        arch/mips64/kernel: Tag: linux_2_4 syscall.c 
        arch/mips64/mm : Tag: linux_2_4 Makefile c-andes.c c-mips64.c 
                         c-r4k.c c-sb1.c init.c loadmmu.c tlb-andes.c 
                         tlb-r4k.c tlb-sb1.c 
        include/asm-mips: Tag: linux_2_4 page.h pgtable.h 
        include/asm-mips64: Tag: linux_2_4 page.h pgtable.h 
Added files:
        arch/mips/mm   : Tag: linux_2_4 cache.c 
        arch/mips64/mm : Tag: linux_2_4 cache.c 
        include/asm-mips: Tag: linux_2_4 cacheflush.h 
        include/asm-mips64: Tag: linux_2_4 cacheflush.h 

Log message:
        Fix remaining cache problems.  This patch also lessens the alignment
        requirements of the mmap to the minimum required to satisfy a
        particular hardware platform.  Primary benchmarks with lmbench and
        kernel compiles show an overall improvment; the system time of kernel
        compiles has been reduced drastically.

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