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Subject: RE: CVS linux
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Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 09:19:14 -0800
Although it might seem absurd to some, the HP LaserJets are basically the
same as a desktop machine minus the video card capabilities.

The LaserJets usually have a MIPS RM5261 (R5000 compatible) or RM7000A
processor running at up to 500 Mhz depending on the model.  The printers
also contain a PCI bus with space for two or three cards.  I usually drop
in a network card and a hard disk and then load the dimm slots with a couple
128 MB dimms.  Such a self contained printer becomes a respectable Linux

I'm running the RedHat 7.1 distribution and can export a Gnome or KDE
desktop from the printer to any other X capable box.

Roger Twede

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Did I miss something? Is it already April 1st again?


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