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CVS linux

Subject: CVS linux
From: Kanoj Sarcar <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 17:48:30 -0700
CVSROOT:        /home/pub/cvs
Module name:    linux
Changes by:       00/06/29 17:48:30

Modified files:
        arch/mips64/kernel: r4k_tlb.S head.S setup.c 
        include/asm-mips64: pgalloc.h pgtable.h 

Log message:
        Implement a functional vmalloc(). THe vmalloc range address translations
        are stashed in an array of page tables, starting from kptbl[]. The fast
        tlbmiss handler quickly checks to see if the faulting address is in the
        vmalloc range, and if so, it uses the translations in the kptbl to 
        the tlbs. Still to do: tlb invalid faults in the vmalloc range needs to
        be handled properly.

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