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CVS Update@oss.: linux

Subject: CVS Update@oss.: linux
From: Harald Koerfgen <>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 12:35:56 -0700
CVSROOT:        /home/pub/cvs
Module name:    linux
Changes by:     harald@oss.     00/05/26 12:35:56

Modified files:
        arch/mips/tools: Makefile 
        arch/mips64/tools: Makefile 
        include/asm-mips: ptrace.h 
        include/asm-mips64: ptrace.h 
Removed files:
        include/asm-mips: offset.h 
        include/asm-mips64: offset.h 

Log message:
        This should resolve most of the offset.h issues which popped up lately, 
I hope.
        * #include <asm/offset.h> #ifdef'd: init/main.c and 
        compile without include/asm-$(ARCH)/offset.h.
        * include/asm-$(ARCH)/offset.h is now depending on $(TOPDIR)/.config:
        offset.h is beeing rebuilt when .config changes. Please don't count on
        that, makedep doesn't do it's job very well in this case and objects
        depending on offset.h aren't neccesarily rebuilt :(

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