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Plz help on freecwmp understanding

Subject: Plz help on freecwmp understanding
From: jithender reddy <>
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2013 17:37:43 +0530
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Dear luka,

Thank you for wonderful source code.
I am new to TR-069 CWMP Protocol. I've downloaded freecwmp free source from
I've setup the openacs server in my debian PC and CWMP client is on my AP.

I was able to communicate when it is on the same the network. Is it possible to connect outside n/w with existing freecwmp code?.

I was trying to understand the functionality part of freecwmp.
following is my understanding:
1. freecwmp client is configured using scripts (like local, server, device configuration)
2. when we set from ACS server it'll set the parameters to temp scripts?.

Here I've one question?.
1. When we set or get the parameters from ACS server(openacs). Will it set to the temp scripts (/tmp/
Because I am not able to see this script when I ran daemon. Please clarify me on understanding?.
2. The currently supported RPC methods are ""SetParameterValues", "GetParameterValues", "SetParameterAttributes", "Download", "FactoryReset", "Reboot" as per the source dated 2012-09-25 in openwrt. Can I get latest source code of freecwmp?.

Please help me out...

Thanks & Regards,

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