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Re: Friendly ACS integration problem

To: Ivan Drobyshevskyi <>
Subject: Re: Friendly ACS integration problem
From: Luka Perkov <>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2013 17:30:03 +0100
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Hi Ivan,

On Wed, Feb 06, 2013 at 12:13:58PM +0200, Ivan Drobyshevskyi wrote:
> I'm trying to do some initial integration and sanity testing of freecwmpd
> with Friendly ACS server. However freecwmpd reports error during initial
> communication, the problem seems to be that it expects <soapEnv:Body> tag
> while it actually receives <env:Body>. As a quick fix I replaced "if
> (asprintf(&c, "%s:%s", ns.soap_env, "Body") == -1)" line in xml.c with
> just "if (asprintf(&c, "%s:%s", "env", "Body") == -1)" and the problem
> disappeared.
> Not sure if this is a bug in freecwmpd or ACS deviating from standards but
> hope it will be useful.
> P.S. this is received HTTP response:
> <env:Envelope xmlns:cwmp="urn:dslforum-org:cwmp-1-0" xmlns:env="
> xmlns:cwmp="urn:dslforum-org:cwmp-1-0"><MaxEnvelopes>1</MaxEnvelopes></cwmp:InformResponse></env:Body></env:Envelope>

Please send me .pcap capture so I can take a look. Thank you.


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