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freecwmp and ACS communication error.

Subject: freecwmp and ACS communication error.
From: akhil garg <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 14:23:58 +0000
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I am using OpenACS ( as the
ACS server and freecwmp as the cwmp client on TP-Link router.

Initially Inform/InformResponse passes successfully.
Then OpenACS sends GetParameterValues. The console shows the following errors:
cwmp_handle_messages(159): xml handling message failed
cwmp_inform(111): handling xml message failed

After this error, I changed the code in file
just by commenting the following code
"b = mxmlWalkNext(b, tree_in, MXML_DESCEND_FIRST)" because it was
being called two times.

Then GetParameterValuesResponse was sent by freecwmpClient. But here
ACS shows Internal Error 500 in the response sent by freecwmp.

Now Queries:
1. I hope I have edited the code correctly?

1. Why the response is rejected(Internal Error 500) by the server?

1. Why the whole communication between CwmpClient/ACS is not going on
single http session. What I have seen is the whole communication i.e.
Inform/InformResponse, GetParameterValues/GetParameterValuesResponse
till end is using three different http ports. I think it should be on
single port (I hope I am not wrong).


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