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Re: NEW PATCH for data model

To: Jonas Gorski <>
Subject: Re: NEW PATCH for data model
From: KALLEL Mohamed <>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 17:15:32 +0100
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Please, Find attached the new patch file.
It contains only support  communication from script to core with C


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Le 16/11/2012 19:19, Jonas Gorski a écrit :
Hi Mohamed,

On 16 November 2012 18:25, KALLEL Mohamed
<> wrote:
Hi Luka
please find attached a new patch.
  This patch contains:
- Support for GetParameterName method.
- The communication from external script to core is replaced by ubus.
- Update GetParameterValue method in order to support many parameter names
and in order to support parameter type.
- Update GetParameterNames related scripts
These are four different things, your patch should only contain one.
Please split this into smaller, easier to review patches. You are also
missing your Signed-off-by.


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