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I'm working on getting Linux to run on RM200/300/400 with big endian firmware.

"My" Machines

  • RM200-225 (flo)
  • RM200-C40
  • RM300-E50
  • RM400-430
  • RM400-440 (flo)
  • RM400-C72
  • RM400-E60

I'm looking for more machine, so if you want to dump a machine mail me


  • RM200-225 stable
  • RM200-C40 stable
  • RM300-E50 kernel boots, but has problems after mounting NFS root (probably cache problems)
  • RM400-430 stable, no serial console for SC2681
  • RM400-440 not tested, but should be like RM400-430
  • RM400-C72 stable, no SMP support yet
  • RM400-E60 kernel boots, but no root filesystem, because irqs aren't working

Untestet on all systems are VGA, keyboard and PS/2 mouse.


  • get patches into Linux MIPS tree
  • sort out serial stuff to get proper SC26xx support
  • figure out how SMP works on C72
  • get irqs working on E60
  • get SMP working on E60