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Nice Project.

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Subject: Nice Project.
From: David Oburumu <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2014 04:32:33 -0530
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Dear Partner,

It's my pleasure writing you this business proposal with a view that you will 
accept my request and give me a positive response since  
time is important. 

I am the disbursing controller of the African zone for Euro-maximedia lottery 

I hereby notify you that there is this won prize money that is about to be 
returned to the company as unclaimed funds. All I want you to do is to stand as 
the winner of the won prize money in question and claim this won prize money, 
as I will back you up as the winner over here. In return both of us will now 
share the money 50 percent each when the money gets to your bank account in 
your country. 

Reply if interested in this business deal through my email box.


David Oburumu.

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