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Pastor HALTS high blood-pressure with 1 weird-food

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Subject: Pastor HALTS high blood-pressure with 1 weird-food
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I wanted to share my experience with others who are suffering with 
so that I can hopefully help someone else with my experience. Please read my 
story below:

"Mr. Burge, you will havea heart-attack or a stroke before you leave this 

That's what the nurse said to me when she took my blood-pressure. It was the 
1st time I 
had even set foot in a hospital in years. I was terrified and my wife was in 

I thought about my son Ken. He had just recently his own blood-pressure around 
and lost
quite a bit of weight in the process as well. Whatever he was doing, it was 
clearly working. 
So I  picked up the phone and immediately called him - I could hardly even 

Ken told me to get in the car, go to the closest grocery-store and buy this 1 
food item. I didn't want to die, so I was ready to try anything. I ate that 
food & followed 
the other simple-steps my son gave me, & thanks to Ken, I was able to rapidly 
bring my 
blood-pressure down to normal. I also to my surprise lost more than 80 lbs in 
the process. 

My son literally saved my-life.

Take a look at the few simple steps he showed me:

High blood-pressure is the No. 1 "silent-killer" - It can cause sudden 
or  heart-attacks at any moment, so check out this video that my son made now - 
before it's too late.

Paul Burge

New-Spring Health-Stories:

-Drug-companies HATE this anti-heart 
disease super-food:
-71 year-old pastor lowers deadly blood-pressure w/ 
this one-grocery store-item:

"Quit out of admail now by going below here:.

PO Box #17598
Baltimore, Maryland 21297-l598


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