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Re: Your Auto -Insurance-Payment for: 02/19/2014

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Subject: Re: Your Auto -Insurance-Payment for: 02/19/2014
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Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 15:06:19 -0800
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Re One (1) New Auto Info Notification
- Message #b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473

You are receiving this email-notice today in order to inform you that your 
monthly car-insurance-payments, have just-recently been - lowered.

(Insurance-Policy #b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473)

To see your newly updated monthly auto-insurance payment, please go here & 
enter your Zip-Code now:

This will just take a moment of your time.

Best Wishes,
Denise Simpson

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-If you'd like us to halt your current-email-ad
membership please go below:
Late Four Online
96 N Main St. Ste 1, Cranbury, NJ, 08512

So my alternate plan was to eat like four people, not 
b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 first time my mind came to 
b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 feeble conclusion of overeating to feed my 
basic insecurities. I was first treated to b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473ir 
fiery pickled cabbage appetizer, which nearly burned my tongue and lips off 
concurrently. I loved it. Suddenly I went predictable and ordered a $1.95 cup 
of Won Ton Soup (see my photo). Small bowl, two won ton. That would be 
considered a double-fault at Wimbledon.

Things looked better with b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 $10.95 Chef's 
Special Crispy Duck (see my photo) - definitely a hefty portion, but 
b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 meat was strangely dried out. It came with a 
plum sauce, but I usually don't need that much lubricant when it comes to 
parsing out Daffy and Donald. I had to remind b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473m 
to bring me my order of b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 $7.95 Chinese eggplant 
in garlic sauce (see my photo). b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473y probably 
couldn't believe I was tossing it down my gullet. Well, 
b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473y were kinda right since 
b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 eggplant gave me a long night of heartburn. 
But it was tasty going down.

b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 decor is very simple here, just a single room 
in a calming peach tone from what I saw (though I noticed a second floor when I 
walked outside, perhaps a private dining room?). Lots of people came in and out 
with a lot of regulars who knew what b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473y wanted. 
b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 comprehensive menu overwhelmed me quite a bit. 
I wish I could have gotten more of a recommendation from 
b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 staff. By b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 
way, except for b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 grizzled veteran, 
b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 staff was very nice to me throughout.

FOOD - 3 stars...not b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 best Szechuan I've ever 
had...I shall be prepared to be pelted with stones
AMBIANCE - 3 stars...pretty simple set-up though it would be nice if 
b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473y could accommodate single diners with large 
appetites like me
SERVICE - 3.5 stars...if it weren't for that initial glare, I would have given 
b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473m four stars
TOTAL - 3 stars...I need to bring friends with me next time 'cause those 
hotpots looked pretty darn good Personally, I find my 2 stars quite generous 
giving b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 quality of 
b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 dishes that Lao Sze Chuan shells out.

To start, two different servers delivered two pestering attempts to sell 
b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473ir "impressive" list of beers and wines. 
Declining politely both times, b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473y continued on 
to advertise b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473ir real fruit smoothies. 
Admittedly, that sounded great on b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 humid day 
that we swung by; disappointingly enough, lychee was not an option so I settled 
with b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 pineapple smoothie instead.

Onto b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 food. Having read many reviews about 
b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 Tony's chicken with three chili, it behooves 
me to order b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 dish. Yes, 
b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 spices blended well, but imagine my surprise 
when I found that most of b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 chicken chunks were 
actually breaded chunks of batter. b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 salt and 
pepper fried smelt was equally uninspiring. Typically, smelt are fried to a 
crispy perfection -- i.e. crispy enough that one would not have to wind up in 
b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 emergency room having choked on 
b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 bone and all. LSC's version? Great blend of 
flavors once again, but have 911 on speed dial if you wish to conquer 
b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 dish. Lastly, b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 
szechuan beef. Surprisingly b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 only okay dish of 
b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 night, but b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 
slices of beef were oddly soft and moist.

Do yourself a favor and check out b205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473 
ob205ab03f00405d0177ecdba6ee3b473r (better!) dining options in Chinatown Square 

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